Class concerts at Paris conservatoire

School year 2022-2023:
December 16, 2022; April 14, 2023; June 16,2023
At the piano: H.Gourzoulidou

School year 2021-2022:
 December, 18 2021, February, 18, April, 2 and June, 18 2022
At the piano: H.Gourzoulidou, B.Fontaa, K.Yamada

School year 2020-2021:
 June 18, 2021. At the piano: H.Gourzoulidou

School year 2019-2020 : All class auditions has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

School year 2018-2019 :
Since September 2018, I have been teaching at the Conservatoire Erik Satie, Paris.
My class audition (cello and chamber music) took place on May, 13 2019 at 8.00pm.
Students from Michael Applemen’s violin, Ilyes Bouffaden’s oboe, Adèle Couzin’s saxophone, Philippe Rausch’s piano took part in it.
At the piano: Brigitte Fontaa.

School year 2017-2018:
The last class audition at Paris conservatoire Hector Berlioz took place on 2018 June 16 at 4.00pm.
Students from Agnès Fargier-Lagrange’s piano, Barbara Fritz’s flute, Simon Milone’s violin, Hae-Soon Park’s guitar, Frédéric Pélassy’s violin and Samuel Vasseur’s cello classes took part in them.
At the piano: Philippe Publier.