Japan 2015

On May, 24 2015, I took part in "the 1000 cellos concert" in Sendai, Japan. It was organized to support the victims of the tsunami and the accident at the nuclear plant of Fukushima (March 2014).

We were 3 of us coming from France. Our colleagues, up to 86 years old, came from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, The United States. Yuichi Takubo and Gernot Schulz were the conductors in original or commissionned works, transcriptions as well as pot-pourris. We accompanied Yoshihiko Terada’s pupils (aged from 5 to 8) in 3 popular pieces from Suzuki repertoire and several school choirs: Kozuhata High School, Asaka Reimei School and Sendai San-oh Senior High School. How emotional!